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At Caribbean Architecture and Planning (CAP) Inc., we begin by listening to you. For us, it is paramount that we understand your immediate needs as well as your aspirations. We will discuss with you and advise you on anything we think you might have missed or anything we see that can work better. We know that if our designs are forward-thinking and consider your aspirations, your building will maintain its value and service to you well into the future.

We are passionate about creating designs that will improve the way people experience the spaces they live and work in as well as socialise and relax in. Take a look at some of the projects we've done.


This proposal for an office building in Libreville, Gabon reflects the client's need to provide modern, attractive, efficient and affordable workspace in the city. 

This bespoke residential building in Saint Lucia was designed to be adaptable to the evolving requirements of modern suburban living.



10  /  07  /  2022

CAP Inc. launches its new website to ensure clients get a better grasp on architecture, the business and the services provided...
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